Perception Expression 11 DLX

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For anyone seeking a stylish, comfotable boat

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A sleek crossover between a recreational and touring kayak, the Expression 11 features a stable and manoeuvrable design that is built to handle a multitude of water environments – from lakes, ponds and bays, to slow rivers and mild coastal waters for the more experienced paddler.

Designed with beginner to intermediate paddlers in mind, the Expression’s paddling performance builds confidence and skill and is the ideal stepping stone into the world of touring. The hull design of the Expression 11 is a perfect balance of overall stability without sacrificing manoeuvrability. The shorter length is more user-friendly for people who don’t want to mastered a longer touring kayak.

Other touring features include the TruTrak skeg system, adjustable padded thigh braces and an up-swept bow that helps shed water for a drier ride. The cockpit size is inviting and gives paddlers room to move freely, while the ergonomically engineered Zone outfitting provides the kind of comfort needed for a day on the water.

we do delivery by our own personal van, we are regularly travelling around but please contact us so we can sort out the delivery process. we do not deliver to wales, Cornwall, Devon, Scotland and we do not go any further north than Derby I am afraid. We also do charge £10 up to £50 for delivery this is normally to cover cost of petrol ,but we please ask you to contact as before hand to make sure that we can deliver to your area on a certain date and confirm cost. Collection is free

Key Features:

• Zone DLX seat system
• Adjustable padded thigh braces and footrests
• Performance hull
• TruTrack skeg system


• L: 353cm
• W: 65cm
• Weight: 20kg
• Capacity: 114kg

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