Pyranha Fusion 2 crossover kayak stout fittings


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If you are going to have a fusion, please go stout if you have any plans of surfing or running whitewater. The small size is a ladies, teenager size, but I have had some shorter heavier gentlemen squeeze into it because it fits in their Ford Transit. Because it is smaller, please note the photo is a medium, the rear hatch is ROUND not Oval. The medium and large both come with the oval hartch , the medium does a huge range of paddlers fromm 11 stone up to 18 stone, the large is like 17-23 stone. The Stout will come with fullplate footrest, thighbraces, backrest  and skeg. The mini hatch in front of paddler is optional extra at £79 fitted. Also most paddlers buy hip pads at £25 for comfort

for 2020 orange soda is the standard colour, but other colours are available to order talk to Derroll

I currently have in stock a blemished Rasta colour connect spec small yellow /red/green in a blemish so reduced price, offering a bargain if you want a small

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blue crush, orange soda, pink fizz, rasta


Large, Medium, Small


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