Scotty fishing rod mount 241 or 244




The 241 is also known as a side mount as you can set it vertically on the deck, a lot of sit ons have a rectangular space marked in the mould, or you can literally mount on its side and the rod holder goes through side, looks more like a rowlock set up. You only need to drill 4 holes to fit. Now when not in use you still have an inch or so of mount sticking up, and if you have to slide over top to get back into kayak, the 244 flush would be better. Bit trickier to fit as you need to cut larger hole for the mount to drop inside the kayak, then drill 4 holes and bolt or rivet in. But you only have about 5mm sticking up from deck and its flat so you can slide over top without hurting yourself. Say you had a triumph 13., there is option of rod holder in middle front , 241 is fine, but there is also a mounting position on both sides of kayak, I would suggest 244 there. The reason we sell mounts seperately is it is also not unusual for someone to have one rod holder but 2 or three mounts

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241, 244


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