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The riber 16 three seater open canoe sports a classic design and provides great user experience as well as being the most affordable canoe on the market. there has been no compromise on comfort in the design of this canoe; our three seats are comprised of wooden struts and polypropylene woven webbing. this canoes length and beam make it an exceptionally sturdy and stable craft. please be aware that the riber 16 is a Chinese made canoe. it is one of the better Chinese made canoes on the market but please be aware that the bottom of the hull is rarely straight, this is how it has come out of the mould due to them using cheaper moulds in china. this is the reason why it is a lot cheaper than most English canoes. But this is still a great Canadian canoe for a family. It is a lot heavier than most English made canoes so you wouldn’t want to be lifting this on and off a roof rack by yourself.

Canoes cannot be sent on a courier because of size without getting damaged, so we deliver by our own personal van, we regularly travel around, but please contact us so we can sort out the delivery process. we do not deliver to Wales, Cornwall, Devon, Scotland and we do not go any further north than Derby I am afraid. we charge £10 up to £50 for delivery ,this is normally to cover cost of petrol but we please ask you to contact as before hand to make sure that we can deliver to your area on a certain date and confirm cost.


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