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P & H Cetus sea kayak performance kevlar / diolen


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This is the top of the range performance sea kayak. These are custom built as there are virtually unlimited options, so a trip to the P&H website is a must. You choose all your colours, your size, LV, MV , HV, your extras , your construction , so prices start from £3195 for a hybrid performance construction in kevlar/diolen . Derroll is quite happy to talk you through the process, a sea kayak like this is like buying a Morgan car, if they manage to make ten a week they have had a great week, 50% of these go to the USA, then there is Europe and asia, so you can be talking some years as few as 50 sold into the UK . So you are joining a very small group of lucky owners. For 2021 the big question is do you  buy a lightweight Infusion system construction, I have seen this take 8kg off a cetus, the problem is it looks the same, then you pick it up and go wow. If you want to be kind to your back it is quite amazing and starts at £4095. What most people do is go on the P&H website choose specs , colour and then email me sheet to confirm price and discount for them . Please allow up to 3 months for delivery on this totally hand made British product


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