Palm Coniston spray deck 10562 nylon but suits high backrests


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If you have a kayak like the Expression 11 with DLX the large backrest needs a special kind of deck to make life easier. The coniston is the answer as it is designed differently at the rear. The deck sweeps straight upwards from the rear avoiding the backrest. Because of this most demand for this deck is on touring kayaks and therefore in bigger sizes. Also this level of buyer tends to like a looser deck that is easier to fit, so our biggest seller is R6 which on paper is too large for many boats. But people buy it loose on purpose, after all they want comfort and ease which is why they purchased a kayak with high backrest in first place. They then use R7 on Dagger axis E or fiesta. Waist size is one size fits all

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R4, R5, R6, R7


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