Playboater neoprene recreation (rec) kayak spraydeck


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The Playboater rec deck is a great entry level neoprene deck as really easy to put on in neoprene deck terms. Not all neo decks are the same, over the years we have found that some brands have managed to work out how to get the neoprene to curve so that it hooks on the cockpit rim behind you, which makes it easier to pull forward and hook the front of the deck on without it springing off behind you at same time. Also as you add more reinforcement to the neoprene this will restrict the stretch more, so you have to be stronger and more confident in putting your deck on. So as you pay more expect the deck to be harder to put on and then hopefully harder to pull off. So a lot of club members will use playboater shock and then the regular whitewater paddlers should be using Playboater Work

The Rec comes in two waist sizes s/m 28-32 inch waist

l/xl 34-38 waist,

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l/xl, s/m


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