Playboater shock deck neoprene reinforced & knee release spraydeck


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Ok why pay the extra for a shock deck, well not only is it one of the best shaped decks I have ever used it has a front release handle and a knee release. What is a knee release? , most modern big deck kayaks are designed that if you need to bail out all you do is bring your knees together and up. If the knee release is suitably tensioned your knees apply pressure to the strap which peels the deck off the side of the cockpit and normally I find the rest of the deck then soon springs off and the person is out. Yes you should always go for the front handle first, but if you are fumbling this is a great backup plan. The neoprene used has a higher wear resistance than the rec and then the edge has an additional layer of sprayed on reinforcement, this is fairly essential if you drag someone elses kayak across yours to empty, otherwise by helping a friend you end up with holes in the edge of your neoprene deck. For instructors this is pretty essential.

size wise most kayaks are still bigdeck however because there is less stretch in this model due to the reinforcing we also have a superbigdeck size. Now because this is larger still it is a bit more prone to pulling off, so an extra layer of rubber is applied to the inside to provide more grip, hence dearer again. Boats like Wavesport Ethos ,Pyranha burn mk2, have these really big bigdeck cockpits and the super bigdeck will make your life easier. There is also more choice of Waist size as you are paying more, so we have small , medium , large and xl

small 28 waist, medium 32 , large 34, xl 36

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L, Medium, S, XL

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bigdeck, super bigdeck


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