Stormsure repair adhesive for neoprene , drysuits and a lot more



Stormsure is one of my favourite products as so versatile, originally I started using it for repairing wetsuits. This is a very thick glue so it acts like a filler. If you have taken a chunk out of something , you literally fill the hole with it and it requires no patching. I then moved onto dabbing it on holes in fabrics including drysuits. It forms its own skin therefore completely airtight . It does dry fairly thick so not ideal underfoot and even the clear is a milky white so not invisible, but does mean you dont have to worry about colour matching. Main problem I had was the tube going hard after I had opened, despite keeping in fridge or freezer. So when they introduced this 3 tubes of 5G set I was actually happier as I now waste less, and you can carry unopened tube for emergencies.

I have clear and black in stock , black is good for wetsuits, clear is better for fabrics, packaging on black different at moment is in blister pack

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clear, black


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