Yak Horizon kayak drysuit red/black 6580


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the reason I refer to this as a kayak drysuit is the presence of latex seals , twinseal waist and all the fittings you expect on a top of the range whitewater kayaking drysuit. Whitewater paddlers should at least paddle in pairs but normally in groups , so they have people around them to do the cross shoulder zip up, but if you get caught short there is a pee zip for during day. Please note latex seals should be cut to size once purchased, so when arrives we expect neck seal to be far too tight, you can normally stretch enough to check size of suit but you will need to cut in 95% of cases before use. We advise removing a circle at a time as the conical shape of the seals means the size goes up quickly. Wrists are often not a problem and many people never cut the wrist seals, though you can if you really had to


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