2 piece Kayak paddle blue blade alloy shaft 220 touring / sea


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this is just a budget paddle , ideal for our touring kayaks and sit on tops. For us it is nice that it has a modern shape blade and there are 3 holes at the joint , which allows it to be set right 45 degrees, flat or left hand 45 degrees using the simple push button . There is a right hand index grip.  I would describe this paddle as light because it is built for ease of use rather than ultimate strength. The TNP paddles we sell are far stronger, but also more expensive because thicker heavier aluminium and stronger blades, which if just being used by the average family and not in surf or whitewater is not really needed. There is no branding on this paddle, we assume made in china

Length is approx 220cm , as budget paddle we have found this varies up to 223cm sometimes, has to be sent by my hermes as they will take up to 1.2m long parcels, so sent in the two halves, if you book first class at £5 we put on next day service



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