Yak zinc neoprene spray deck for kayak 5203


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if on a tight budget the zinc deck is a neoprene deck, but it isn’t as good as a playboater by a long way especially on fit and ease of getting on and off, it just doesn’t have the shape right, but it will keep more water out than a nylon deck. The price is what sells it. It comes in 3 boat sizes and two waist sizes.

keyhole is rare this is an old school kayak like an rpm. bigdeck is very common as Diesel , most pyranhas including Inazone. Extra big deck is the current large creekers, also pyranha b2. s/m waist is actually ok for up to 32, 34 is squeeze, l/xl is 34 to 38

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keyhole, bigdeck, extra bigdeck


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