Tnp 1 piece alloy kayak paddle assymetric blade 60 degree


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PLEASE NOTE I CAN HAVE THESE SENT DIRECT FROM SUPPLIER AT COST £20 per box, otherwise can be collected for from Clacton by appointment. But due to length we cannot send out seperately at a reasonable price, so if you only want one paddle order a split paddle as one piece do not post well. Can be delivered with a kayak at no extra charge. For Centres and clubs which love this heavy duty paddle we can work out discount based on quantity and delivery method. it is available in different colours as well , so many clubs go say blue in right handed , red in left to make easy to identify and maybe black in junior. Sometimes in yellow as well , but far  less popular colour than red, blue or black. For juniors they do a 185cm version with narrower shaft and slightly smaller blade. The standard adult model is 200cm long , but for crossover kayaks I prefer the 215. We also can offer Left hand and Right Hand

Colours come through to us fairly randomnly , always best to call us in advance if you are worried about colour, also standard paddles listed are right handed, however we normally carry one of each in left hand , you need to call to check

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185, 200, 215


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