TNP Rapa Paddle Red glass shaft 717.0


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TNP Rapa Paddle 194/197/200cm lengths with plastic blades and glass shafts. this is a great mid range paddle for whitewater paddlers who are beginners or intermediate paddlers. this is a one piece paddle which means it cannot be posted . It can be sent by courier but actually costs as much as a kayak due to length, it can be collected for free by appointment or it can be delivered  by our own personal van for £10  if arranged with Derroll, please contact us if you have any questions about the paddle or collection/delivery appointments to see when we are available as we are out on delivery very often. Glassfibre shafts are warmer in the hand than alloy and this model is ovalised to make the hand position more comfortable and the paddle normally comes set up at 45 degree. We can also get in left hand and a 4 part version if needed. The 4 part is £139.99. Delivery on paddles is free if shipped with a boat but please do not buy this item unless you have spoken to me or plan to collect as if I have to refund I will deduct admin charges

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