As we move into winter of 2020 I am slowly starting to restock our popular lines, however many suppliers are not bringing in more stock till the spring, so where I am missing sizes and models it may be because just not available till next year. Also after covid shutdown some suppliers did not reopen or restock at all , in particular Gul have dissapeared into a black hole.Most reps were laid off and the suppliers have not replaced with more sales staff so we have little idea of what is coming and when. With kayaks it is always best to assume 4-6 weeks to come in. , we have placed pre orders for 2021 for popular models, but based on this year you cannot afford to wait until one arrives and then come look at it and buy. If interested, place a refundable deposit and then when it arrives you get first bite of the cherry . If not right, we give deposit back and no harm done as we know we can sell anyway. Custom colours or custom kayaks do have to be paid for in advance as this is very different scenario.

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