Author: Derroll Pedder

Corona Virus

Due to latest government decision we have closed our doors to collections and deliveries. At this time we are having all calls , messages . emails forwarded to Derroll Pedder automatically , so we are still contactable during the current outbreak. So we can still take orders that will be sent at some time in […]

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How much should I spend on a SUP?

ok I am getting a lot of questions about inflatable SUP’s as prices now vary from £150 to £1000, and in a picture on the net they all look the same. Ok firstly yes the designs are very similar, but the manufacturers do make claims about the weight of paddler that worry me, they tend […]

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Which kayak is right for me?

The problem is that 35 years ago we only had a choice of about 5 different plastic kayaks. by plastic we are referring to polyethylene rather than glassfibre (GRP) kayaks. So in those days most kayaks were what we called general purpose, an example of this would be the Perception Dancer. One of the first […]

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