2021 update

As most of my customers were larger centres and groups that are getting a real kicking from covid, my whole plan of how I work has pretty much gone out the window. So after lockdown version 1 I had to concentrate on selling to individuals, rather than the groups I had dealt with previously. The website canoes2go.co.uk which was only ever meant to be a guide to what I have in stock actually started taking lots of orders and My Ebay dped007 went through roof. However I had to sell what I could get hold of and had very little input into those choices. I was literally wandering around empty warehouses. As I can’t see me being able to go back I need to look forward to 2021 and I have had to consider heavily what I want to sell and who can actually supply stock when I need it. Most of my suppliers are still trying to rebuild their own stocks so lots of lines coming in dribs and drabs as containers arrive in UK, there are going to be major shortages on some lines continuing well into next year. Selling mainly on the net actually means I have to stock more of less, so less lines but bigger stock. In order to achieve this for 2021 I will be concentrating on the models that sell , so Pyranha Fusion mk2, Venture Flex 11, Venture Cruiser, P&H virgo, Pyranha Surfjet 2, Riber sit in and on deluxe, Riber canadian, Hou prospector. These few models counted for 80% of my sales this year, this is not saying I can’t try to get other models to order, but this is what I am going to attempt to keep in stock. Isups from Riber and Sandbanks style . On the accessory side I again have reduced suppliers to Yak (Crewsaver) , Typhoon, System X (TNP , HF and playboater) and Riber to try and do a better job for smaller number brands. It looks like for 2021 we will be offering collections on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only, with van deliveries Tuesday and Thursday. So in meantime I have to clean up the stock, so I plan to go through the leftover Gul and Palm stock and expect to see discounts from 20% up to 50% as we clear lines. So this is an insight into what is going on in my mind, how well we can keep to it I don’t know, but need to start with a plan


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